Case Studies

Retailer at a Turning Point

A Fortune 50 retailer sought a plan to improve performance. Over the prior five years, stock price had stagnated as sales growth slowed, lagging behind the client’s biggest competitor. Full story »

Putting an Airline on a Success Trajectory

Create improved customer experience in an environment of intense competition and deep cost cutting. Full story »

Charting a Course to Improved Profitability

Improve paper manufacturer profitability by gaining management team alignment around a set of actions. Full story »

Nonprofit at a Crossroad

An operating group within a major nonprofit had developed a large negative cash flow and a need for additional capital. Full story »

Improving Margins and Share in the
Commercial Building Products Market

Increase margins and market share for building products manufacturer. Large differences in market share between geographic markets indicated an opportunity to improve performance… Full story »

Coaching: Positioning a New Leader for Success

The new leader of a major operating division, responsible for 14,000 customer-facing employees, sought Setili & Associates’ advice to better align her team for success. Full story »