Fearless Growth

Coming in Fall 2017:

Fearless Growth: The New Rules to Stay Competitive, Foster Innovation, and Dominate Your Markets

by Amanda Setili

Foreword by Marshall Goldsmith, best-selling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Customer behaviors, business models, technologies, and regulations are evolving quickly, and many of the strategic rules we formerly lived by have become obsolete.

To be able to respond quickly and intelligently to the fast pace of change, we need all levels and functions in our businesses to be creative and responsive. We need both courage and speed.

Fearless Growth provides new rules to enable your company to adapt faster, move faster, and grow faster. You will learn how to:

  • Capitalize on uncertainties in your market, rather than letting them slow you down.
  • Leverage the talent, assets, technology, and data that exist outside your company.
  • Get in sync with customers, gain early insight into changing needs, and bring the right solutions to market.
  • Open the floodgates of employee creativity, empowering employees to respond quickly and effectively to emerging opportunities.
  • Continually build your company’s capabilities and knowledge through constant experimentation.
  • Build a high degree of trust within your company, and with the entities outside your company.

Fearless Growth provides a proactive approach, with practical examples, tools, frameworks, and guidance for adapting to and succeeding in our volatile world.

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Praise for Fearless Growth


“We live in an era of great disruption, and companies that refuse to embrace change run the risk of becoming irrelevant. In Fearless Growth, Amanda Setili provides clear, actionable steps and memorable examples that can help companies of all sizes embrace fast, fearless growth.”

David Abney,
Chairman and CEO, UPS

Daniel Pink

“Do you want to grow your business? According to Amanda Setili, the old rules for growth no longer apply in this time of rapid-fire change. She’s here with seven exciting new rules for business leaders that will help you expand fearlessly”

Daniel Pink,
author of Drive and To Sell is Human


“Given the rapid pace of technology change, companies that want to lead need to be far more customer-obsessed and agile than ever before. Setili’s book is an inspired must-read for any leader who wants to lean into the future and win.”

Margo Georgiadis,
CEO, Mattel and former President, Americas, Google

SAP Ariba

“Amanda Setili’s Fearless Growth strikes at the essence of what it takes to operate and grow successfully in fast-changing markets: agility. Sharing insights from Lyft, Apple, Facebook, and others, Setili provides new rules that empower business leaders to surmount any challenge.”

Dr. Marcell Vollmer,
Chief Digital Officer, SAP Ariba


“To stay relevant in times of rapid market change, we need to be able to see around corners, and to constantly reinvent ourselves. The largest, most successful companies today—Airbnb, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and others–have built vibrant ecosystems, in which many players create and consume value, in a dynamic and self-reinforcing way. Amanda Setili’s book is a brilliant guide to help any company make the strategic shift to a new model for growth, powered by constant innovation, rich partnerships, co-creation with customers and unleashing of employee talent.”

Eli Rosner,
Chief Technology Officer, NCR


“Setili provides a powerful set of principles to drive your business to faster and more predictable growth.”

Andy Bodea,
Chief Global Operations Officer, Equifax

Amy Edmondson

“Amanda Setili’s new rules for fearless growth are spot on. When we trust our employees and foster their intrinsic motivation, when we enable productive debate and the free flow of ideas, we can achieve remarkable growth, even in turbulent times.”

Amy Edmondson,
author of Building the Future and Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School


“Setili has created a roadmap that demonstrates how businesses can grow in today’s changing economy, leverage their talent, assets and technology, and enhance agility within their team.”

Brian Caldarelli,
Chief Financial Officer, PSCU

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