Unleashed Podcast – Interview about Fearless Growth (45 minutes+)

Extraordinary Business Book Club Podcast – Interview about Fearless Growth (30 minutes+)

Will Bachman interviews Amanda Setili for the Unleashed podcast (30 minutes+)

Amanda Setili on the Ilyce Glink Show, WSB Radio (15 minutes+)

Insights from The Agility Advantage; Linda Henman interview with Amanda Setili (20 minutes)

Interview about Fearless Growth on Entrepreneur Radio (30 minutes+)

What key questions do we ask about customers, competitors and capabilities, when setting strategy? (90 seconds)

What are the keys to effective implementation? (50 seconds)

Applying lessons from animal training to strategy execution (90 seconds)

The biggest gap in effective execution (50 seconds)

What sets Setili & Associates apart? (90 seconds)

Amanda’s backstory (90 seconds)

Take away, don’t just add. Don’t fall victim to the temptation to add features, services, products, and markets every year. Consider how you can differentiate by taking away features (55 seconds)

Jon Baker interviews Amanda Setili, Rob Setili and Jennie Rodriguez (30 minutes+)

Seth Kahan of FreeLance Fortune interviews Amanda Setili (30 minutes+)