Focus Amanda Setili shows you how to take out distraction so you can go where you want to go with your organization.

The Value of Constant Product Innovation Amanda Setili explains why you need to constantly evolve your products.

More Than One Alternative Amanda Setili explains why you need multiple alternatives when going after a strategic opportunity.

Facebook Amanda Setili explains what Facebook has done over the past few years to become an agile company.

Make Your Internal Start-Ups Vibrant and Nimble Amanda Setili explains what qualities an internal start-up can use from an external start-up.

Make Your Internal Start-Ups Fast and Fun Amanda Setili shows you what should you need to do to make an internal start up as exciting as an external start-up.

When You Spot A New Opportunity Amanda Setili shows you what should be done before you go after a strategic opportunity.

When You Experience Shrinking Margins Amanda Setili shows you what to do if your margins are eroding.

Planning A Change In Strategy Amanda Setili explains you should consider this when planning in your organization.

The Importance of Fast Feedback Amanda Setili explains why fast feedback is one of the biggest secrets to creating an agile company.

Want Honest Feedback? Get A Prototype In Front Of Your Customer Amanda Setili explains why a prototype is a vital tool you need to stay agile in your industry.

Why You Need to Stop Overplanning Amanda Setili talks about why companies should focus on the vision they have for strategic direction rather than the details.

Discover Your Outlier Customers. Amanda Setili talks about why a buisness can be missing growth opportunities when they don’t look at the outliers.

Insight Address: “The Agility Advantage” Amanda Setili presents at the 2015 iMedia Brand Summit in Amelia Island, Florida.

90-Second Intro to Setili & Associates A 90-second introduction to Setili & Associates, with insights from founder Amanda Setili, and from clients.

Get New Ideas From Outside Your Company. Amanda Setili discusses how to develop really innovative ideas; you need to look outside the four walls of your company.

How to Use Scenarios to Anticipate and Prepare for the Future. Amanda Setili discusses how scenarios can be used to anticipate and prepare for the future.

Today’s Niche Customers are Tomorrow’s Growth Engine. Amanda Setili discusses how small customer segments can provide large growth opportunities.

Give Customers a Reason to Talk, then Listen In. Amanda Setili discusses the importance of what your customers are saying and how this can help you grow your brand.

Why are Customers Buying Your Product? Amanda Setili talks about how customers can be in two different customer segments and why this is important.

Automated Customization Yields Profit & Insight. Amanda Setili discusses how automating customization can reveal new insights about evolving customer needs and create new opportunities for growth.

Be Fascinated by your Customers’ Daily Lives. Amanda Setili discusses why you should become fascinated by your customers’ daily lives.

Anticipate What’s Next. Amanda Setili talks about how you can get inside your competitor’s head and anticipate their next move.

Three Keys to Profiting from Change. Amanda Setili talks about the three keys to profiting from a change in the market.

Innovate by Removing Product Features. Amanda Setili discusses why you should consider eliminating product features to differentiate from competition.

Jump on Opportunities Your Competitors Create for You. Amanda Setili talks about how you can take advantage of opportunities that your competitors are giving you.

Be Ready for Surprises. Amanda Setili talks about how you can help your employees respond effectively to both positive and negative surprises.

Big Data: Hype or Opportunity? Amanda Setili discusses “big Data” and it’s implications for the future.

Three Ways to Spot Growth Opportunities. Amanda Setili shares three ways to spot new opportunities for profitable growth.

Adopt Ideas from Outside Your Industry. Amanda Setili discusses how to leverage ideas from outside your industry, even from companies very different from your own.

See for Yourself. Amanda Setili talks about why its important to spend time in the field, to “see for yourself” what opportunities exist.

How to grow in a flat or shrinking market. Amanda Setili talks about how to grow, even in a flat or shrinking market.

Don’t leave employees wondering which hill to take. Amanda Setili talks about why clear goals and vision are so important.