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Unshackle Your Team’s Creativity

Forward Business Planning

Have you ever wished for more input, insights, and ideas from the employees on your team?

Especially when our businesses are not performing as well as we’d like, we really need our teammates’ creative ideas. But when we gather a group and ask for ideas—whether for new product features, cost reduction ideas, or ways to improve service—we often see the same, recycled thoughts. Or ones that are only a smidgen better than what’s currently being done.

It’s not the employees’ fault. Humans are wired to keep doing what they’ve been rewarded for in the past. We are wired to protect our allies, and to avoid risk. These tendencies tend to hold us back when it comes to thinking in new ways. We are shackled by what’s worked before and have a hard time imagining a new way of doing things.

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Think You Understand Your B2B Customers’ Needs? Think Again.

If you’re in a business-to- business market, how well do you understand your customers’ needs?  How would you say those needs have evolved in the last twelve months?

If you’re only using market research and feedback from your salesforce to understand how your customers are changing, you are probably missing a big piece of the picture.  With the right approach,  you can understand your B2B customers’ needs even better than they themselves do.

Let me give you an example.

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