Five Reasons to Choose Setili

1. We’re focused, fast and efficient

We work to drive value to your bottom line fast, helping you to identify and accomplish the few key actions that will make the most difference to your ultimate success.

2. We have the broad expertise needed to solve complex, cross-functional problems

We navigate within your organization to get perspectives from multiple functions, and orchestrate a process to achieve alignment.

3. We are unbiased, and tenacious at getting at the truth

We don’t just tell you what you want to hear. We guide and challenge your analysis, bring outside perspective and research, and play devil’s advocate. We uncover and synthesize the facts to help you make the best possible business decisions.

4. Your people gain commitment, skills and tools

We create buy-in and energize your team, leveraging and developing their expertise and creativity.

5. You know your investment going in.

All our projects are fixed-fee. There’s never a meter running, and we have a track record of returning many times our fees in value to our clients.