Setili & Associates provides experienced strategic and management consulting to Fortune 500 and growing companies, to generate profits, improve performance and drive growth.

Our consulting, coaching and speaking is always focused, relevant, and tailored to your needs.

Insight Address: “The Agility Advantage” Amanda Setili presents at the 2015 iMedia Brand Summit in Amelia Island, Florida.

For example, we’ve helped our clients…


  • Add profitable new products, services and features
  • Increase margins and sales productivity
  • Improve the customer experience and gain top service rankings
  • Enter new channels and make existing channels more productive
  • Achieve greater organizational performance and commitment
  • Increase market share and expand into new markets


  • Gain organizational commitment to key goals and actions
  • Implement powerful new metrics and systems
  • Change expectations and behaviors

We also offer coaching for consultants and small business owners.


  • Learn new ways to create value for customers and investors
  • Adopt new approaches to improve profitability and growth
  • Spot and seize opportunities that competitors don’t even see
  • Identify the biggest levers for performance improvement, and
    implement changes that drive impact, fast
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